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“We’d spent a year trying to solve a problem with our commission structure. In just a week with Cognition360 we solved the problem and will save around $100,000 a year as a result.”

Jennell Mott, Chief Operations Officer, Managed Solution

Managed Solution saves $100,000 from one Cognition360 analytics report

San Diego-based MSP Managed Solution’s integrated IT services create an IT journey tailored to business needs, starting with a full assessment of each customer’s current IT environment, then delivering innovative solutions to solve complex business challenges at every stage of the business lifecycle.


Managed Solution’s Chief Operations Officer, Jennell Mott, says that with strong growth has come a number of challenges, especially in supporting interstate customers, most of them in the Enterprise space, exceeding 50,000 seats.

Getting actionable insights based on accurate data was a particular problem.

“Our major reason for looking at Cognition360 was that we’ve been using BrightGauge since 2008 but the data was incorrect and we couldn’t dive in and drill down to find the anomalies,” she says.

Single pane of glass for support

“The first problem area we set out to address with Cognition360 was our service desk reporting. We’re a 24/7 service organization and too many balls were being dropped. Using Cognition360 we’ve been able to understand the areas where we’re falling short, drill down into accurate data, and make the changes we need to make. We’re also creating reports for our leadership team and moving out to apply analytics right across the organization, better aligning all of our operations. Cognition360 has created a single pane of glass for all the elements of our support.

“It’s an ongoing process. For example, we have used Cognition360 to streamline a complex, costly, and inaccurate commission structure with many partners across many teams. We’d spent a year struggling to fix this problem. In just a week, we worked with Cognition360 to develop a single report which has streamlined the whole process. Now our commissions are accurate. What used to take hours every Monday is now done automatically and accurately. We’ve been able to switch from an external accounting company and bring everything in house. From that one Cognition360 report we’ll save around $100,000 a year from not overpaying commissions, and in external accounting costs.

“We’re delighted with the results we’re getting from Cognition360. An important element in all our supplier relationships is partnership and Cognition360 is a great partner. They’re accessible and responsive and they’re great at follow up,” Jennell Mott said.


About Managed Solution

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Managed Solution was founded in 2002. With corporate headquarters in San Diego, Managed Solution is an IT Services and Consulting firm that focuses on creating great user experiences. The company’s mission is to empower businesses, wherever they are, to leverage great technology that makes them more productive and secure. As a result, Managed Solution enables businesses and their employees to focus on what they do best and get ahead of their competition. Managed Solution specializes in consulting, IT help desk support, Office 365, cloud (public, private, hybrid), business intelligence and analytics, IT automation, identity management, and security and compliance.  Visit the Managed Solution website