e-Campaign: Cognition360 launches AI-Powered Analytics for deeper insights into ConnectWise data

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Cognition360 launches AI-Powered Analytics for deeper insights into ConnectWise data – far in advance of existing reporting solutions. Cognition360’s data warehouse-powered analytics platform – which is available exclusively for MSPs using ConnectWise – has made another leap forward with the addition of new machine learning and predictive AI analytics capabilities. We’re now at a very [...]

Media Release: Cognition360 launches in Australia

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Cognition360 launches in Australia at IT Nation Gold Coast conference Cognition360 – a new AI-enabled business analytics platform only available for ConnectWise customers – officially launched into the Australian market today. The Australian launch follows successful customer implementations in North America and New Zealand and the listing of Cognition360 on the ConnectWise Marketplace. Earlier this [...]

[Webinar Reminder] Unlock ConnectWise data: Easily build your own reports (in under 5 minutes)

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Unlock ConnectWise data: easily build your own reports (in under five minutes). New. Powerful Analytics. Affordable.  This is a reminder to join our live webinar on Thursday February 14, 2019 to find out how you can unlock your ConnectWise data. REGISTER NOW Our upcoming 30-minute webinar will show you how [...]

Video: Create your own reports using Power BI

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Unlock ConnectWise data. Cognition360 transforms ConnectWise data into a smart Star Schema, allowing you to easily build your own custom reports (or use one of our 50+ existing reports as a starting point).  Watch the two-minute video below to see how you can create your own reports using Power BI in under five minutes. [...]

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