Cognition360 reveals the profitability of managed service agreements faster and more easily than any other ConnectWise reporting product or service.

While Cognition360 gives you rich insights into many aspects of your business, we’re focusing this offer on what many of our customers see as the single most valuable ConnectWise reporting area. That’s MSA profitability.

Near real-time visibility and insights into the profitability of customer managed service agreements is the Holy Grail for MSPs looking to grow both profitability AND customer retention and satisfaction.

Right now, our MSP customers are doing precisely that.

  • They’re running live reports to track overall profitability of all their managed services agreements.
  • They’re drilling down customer by customer to analyze, understand and take immediate remedial action to fix low performing agreements.
  • And they’re analyzing their most valuable, highest earning MSA customers to find ways to add further value to high performing agreements – improving customer satisfaction and demonstrating real value.

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Case study: powering continuous service improvement

“Using Cognition360 means we have near real-time visibility of all our most important performance indicators. We can deep dive into service desk tickets, track and understand engineer utilization, understand the profitability of our managed service contracts – all using near real-time data to track what’s happening right now rather than what was happening last week.”

Justin Swanson, Senior Director of Strategic Services & Security, Advanticom

Justin Swanson, Advanticom | Cognition360 client

Pittsburgh-based Advanticom is using Cognition360 to drive major improvements in operational efficiency and profitability.

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Blog author: Bruce Chamberlin, CEO & Co-Founder, Cognition360