Yes, you can get live reporting and analytics without killing your ConnectWise production server.  Here’s how…

Bogging down the ConnectWise production server while trying to get meaningful reporting is a major pain point for MSPs.

Advanticom’s Senior Director of Customer Services, Justin Swanson is a case in point.

“We live and breathe by ConnectWise,” Swanson says. “But all our attempts to get meaningful reports bogged down the server and impacted customer service delivery.

“We decided to give Cognition360 a trial because it’s designed to get data out of ConnectWise without adding load to the ConnectWise production server.

“And it works. Right away we solved the ConnectWise server load problem. Our KPI reports and other analytics run directly out of the Cognition360 data warehouse, with virtually no load on the ConnectWise server. There’s huge time savings and likewise huge increase in value from having near real-time data,” Swanson says.

See the link below to get the full story on how Advanticom is using Cognition360 to get live reporting without killing their ConnectWise server.

You’ll see how our data warehouse, per-customer rules-based data transformation engine, Power BI reporting with easy self-service analytics and cloud architecture all combine to  give near real time visibility of all the key business metrics an MSP needs to drive service quality, productivity and profitability.

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Justin Swanson, Advanticom


“Continuous service improvement is what’s driving our business forward. The speed and ease of developing KPI reports and other analytics using Cognition360 means we have near real-time visibility of all our most important performance indicators.”

Justin Swanson, Senior Director of Strategic Services and Security, Advanticom


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Blog author: Bruce Chamberlin, CEO & Co-Founder, Cognition360