No one else can do this. See our unique Agreement Cross Sell Heat Map in action. See how one MSP achieved a 5% increase in Agreement Sales – and a 20% increase in bottom line profit!  A reminder to join our live webinar on Thursday February 14, 2019 to find out how.

Cognition360 Agreement Profitability

This is a reminder to join our upcoming webinar – for MSPs (of all sizes) using ConnectWise.

Forget static reports. You’ll see the unique power and speed of the only data warehouse optimized for ConnectWise – creating reports on the fly, slicing and dicing your data to deliver a whole new order of visibility and analysis.

In just 30 minutes – and using real world examples:

  • We’ll show you how one MSP used our Agreement Cross Sell Heat Map analytics to drive a five percent increase in Agreement Sales (and a resultant 20 percent increase in bottom line profit!).
  • You’ll see our Agreement Cross Sell Heat Map displaying Agreements by type and customer, then a whole range of drill down reports, revealing historical and current data, trends, and shining a light on opportunities to cross sell and grow new Agreement business from within your existing customer base.

No one else can do this.

You’ll see how Cognition360 moves beyond ‘WHAT’ your numbers are. You’ll see Cognition360’s powerful analytics engine drilling down to shine the light on WHY – enabling you to make better decisions faster. Find out more about Cognition360 here.

Webinar event name: Boost Service Agreement Profitability & Growth

Date & Time: Thursday, February 14, 2019, 2:00PM EST