Cognition360’s data warehouse-powered analytics platform – which is available exclusively for MSPs using ConnectWise – has made another leap forward with the addition of new machine learning and predictive AI analytics capabilities.

We’re now at a very exciting point in the development of our platform where we can provide actionable business insights never before possible – and really move the needle in areas fundamental to MSP productivity and profitability.

For example, the demo below shows how these algorithms help determine the key drivers of customer churn. You can see the analysis which reveals that slow resolve times is the biggest single factor in customer churn. Then drill down to find out the reasons for slow resolve times – and fix the problem.

Most important, the demo shows how you can quickly review resolve times across all your customers and identify customers most at risk – and take urgent remedial action.

The demo also shows how the same forensic level of analysis can be applied to overall as well as individual customer profitability, as well as analysis of current projects by customer, project manager, project type – and more.

No one else can do this to the same extent for ConnectWise customers, as it requires a data warehouse optimized for ConnectWise and one which can be easily configured to take in other data sources, in addition to ConnectWise. Also, our Power BI reporting tools are uniquely well optimized to support high-level algorithm applications.

Please do watch the four-minute demo and contact Cognition360 Co-Founder Ken Davis if you’d like to organize a free demo, taking in your own data. Seeing is believing…


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For more information about Cognition360 check out the ‘How it Works’ section of our website and see our detailed case studies.

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