Use AI-Powered Analytics to Benchmark your Time Entry Quality vs Industry Best Practice

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Time Entry Quality is at the heart of every successful MSP business – and it is the single most important metric affecting your bottom line. We’ve seen how just a small improvement in Time Entry Quality can boost your bottom-line profit by over 30 percent.

Our Time Entry Quality Benchmark workshop for MSPs using ConnectWise is the fastest, least costly and most effective entry point to seeing how deep data analytics can transform this critical area of your business.

First step is to book a 15-minute call where we’ll give you a demo showing how Cognition360 works to benchmark Time Entry Quality and how it can be applied to discover and understand areas of improvement.

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Next step, using your own data, is a free 45-minute workshop – where we report on your benchmark and then drill down – again using your data – to reveal where the improvement areas are and analyze how best to make vital changes.

From $100 a month depending on size, your MSP can then have access to all the reports required to manage and improve your own Time Entry Quality performance.

But it doesn’t need to stop there.

The same Benchmarking approach can be applied to other critical areas of your business, such as Agreement Profitability, Ticket Resolution, Engineering Productivity, Project Profitability, and Sales Management.

Cognition360 is standing by through this process with expert help as required. High levels of self service are built in.

Watch the short demo video above on how Time Entry Quality benchmarking can be a game changing entry point into the new world of AI-powered analytics.

No one else can do this.

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For more information about Cognition360 check out the ‘How it Works’ section of our website and see our detailed case studies.

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