Gain huge savings through instant transparency of ConnectWise Projects with Cognition360 Project Health Data Insights.

Imagine being able to review all your projects in just minutes. Forget laboring for hours trying to get meaningful reports directly out of ConnectWise. Now there’s a better way.

Cognition360’s Project Health Data Insights will free you from the ‘ambulance at the bottom of the cliff’ reactive approach to managing your projects.

Cognition360 gives you a holistic view of how all your projects are performing against KPIs such as timeliness, billed vs unbilled time, and overall profitability.

You’ll quickly see which of your projects are in the red and drill down to understand the reasons why.

You’ll compare the projects that are going well against the ones that aren’t. And you’ll see the common factors that contribute to project success and project failure.

Having your finger constantly on the pulse of your projects means being proactive and effective in identifying and solving issues before they become insoluble. It means a constructive process of continuous improvement.

Our customers are saving thousands of dollars on their projects with this new level of visibility! Not only that, they are saying that their customer satisfaction around projects is much improved.

Seeing is believing. Watch the five-minute demo below.

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For more information about Cognition360 check out the ‘How it Works’ section of our website and see our detailed case studies.

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