There was a great turnout and a great response to my “Data is the New Oil for MSPs” presentation at ConnectWise IT Nation Connect 2019.

I think this reflects a high and growing awareness among MSPs of the critical importance of data analytics.

That awareness is shared by ConnectWise at the highest level. ConnectWise is very aware of the sharp difference between first generation reporting tools, such as BrightGauge, and the next-level deep data analytics of Cognition360.

The most positive feedback on the presentation came from the real-life examples of next-level data analytics delivering Actionable Insights to transform performance against benchmarks.  Using real (anonymized) customer data we demonstrated live how AI data-powered analytics can drill down to strike the oil which reveals the levers to pull to move the needle in the most meaningful areas of an MSP business.

If you missed the presentation you can download an overview from the link below.

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What our customers say

Customer feedback

Also at IT Nation, we received the results of an independent qualitative survey of five Cognition360 customers.

This is what a couple of them say about why they use Cognition360:

“We’ve had a great experience with the entire C360 team.  They are highly knowledgeable of the key KPIs needed to run a successful MSP.  They have helped us develop our own dashboards for sales, agreements, projects, and labor allocation for service-leadership quarterly entry.  We are currently working with them on P&L analysis and looking for ways to move the needle to increase our bottom line.”

“The Cognition360 reporting is used to assist in employee goal setting and KPI tracking/trajectory. We can more easily track profitability and overall performance of our company.”

If you’d like to read more feedback, email us at the link below, and we’ll send you the document.

The feedback is unfiltered and unedited, as we think this feedback will be very helpful for any MSP considering Cognition 360 as their strategic data analytics platform.

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Video: Project Health Data Insights

You can also dive into our latest video on Project Health Data Insights to see how our analytics platform can track all of your projects against KPIs such as timeliness, billed vs unbilled time, and overall profitability.  With just a few mouse clicks you’ll see which of your projects are in the red and then drill down to understand the reasons why.

You’ll compare the projects that are going well against the ones that aren’t. And you’ll see the common factors that contribute to project success and project failure.

Our customers are saving thousands of dollars on their projects with this new level of visibility! Not only that, they are saying that their customer satisfaction around projects is much improved.

Seeing is believing. Watch the five-minute demo below.

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