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It’s been a very pleasing year – thank you for your support. Healthy growth in our customer family members during 2019 has meant we are able to increase our investment in new developments – and we’ve put together Transformer as the first of regular updates to keep you informed.

“Transformer” will be as brief and to-the-point as we can make it.

Mostly we’ll focus on new product developments, plus our latest demos, case studies and any new people joining the team.

We’ll also have the occasional Blog on topics of special interest to our user community. All suggestions and feedback will be gratefully received.

Cognition360 in action: Blacktip IT Services

Blacktip IT Services CEO Matthew Bookspan hero quote

Matthew Bookspan, CEO and Founder of Florida MSP Blacktip IT Services, is one of a new breed of MSP owners tuned in to the critical importance of data analytics in delivering outstanding value to their customers.

Previously using BrightGauge, Blacktip came on board with Cognition360 in November and have made great progress in key areas such as a better understanding around profitability, how they were entering and managing their time, and how they are managing projects.

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New reports available now

  • Ticket Type Auto Classification– using Machine Learning analysis, we can take your ticket data and predict what the Ticket Type and Subtype could be if the type and subtype were not completed at source. This data will allow you to enrich your ticket data – the benefits are many, and include Actionable Insights from analyzing common issues for individual customers and across entire customers.
  • Agreement Labor Forecast– using historical agreement data, we review and analyze MRR by Agreement Type to better forecast what potential ticket volume and labor will result from onboarding new MRR. Key in expected MRR wins by Agreement Type and forecast additional resourcing required.
  • Customer Interactions– see which Customers and Customer Contacts are generating the most tickets and labor in your organization. Ticket common issues (Ticket Type/Subtype) shown across customers so you can see which areas each customer is generating tickets and labor on.

Reports in development

  • Customer Satisfaction– takes and analyzes your customer satisfaction data. See overall ratings, and analyze by individual customer, contact, technician, board, team.
  • Ticket Quality Benchmark– score the quality of your ticket data against the Cognition360 benchmark. Report looks at a range of ticket measures (Type and Subtype completed, Configuration attached, SLA achieved, Labor notes completed etc.)
  • MSP KPI Dashboard– see all your main KPI metrics in one report. Combines the KPI metrics currently reported into one report that allows you to see how you are tracking to targets and industry benchmarks.

If any of the above are of interest and you’d like to learn more, please email Sue Caley and we’ll schedule a quick update for you.

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The Cognition360 Team wishes you and your families all the best for the Christmas Season.

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Bruce, Eamon, Sue, Ken, Clive, Tony, and the rest of the Cognition360 team

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