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We’re rolling up our sleeves to help the ConnectWise community manage their remote workers with this free offer.

The first 50 MSPs to sign up get unrestricted access to our full analytics platform for a period of 60 days – absolutely free. This includes our Technician Efficiency report, along with all standard report views.

The target is to give you the most powerful analytics tool available to help you manage the productivity of your people working from home.

Managing remote workers

You can only manage what you can measure. Cognition360’s metrics enable you to compare the effectiveness of each team member working from home, to when they’re working in the office, or out on customer sites.

The Technician Efficiency report screens below show metrics measured by team and individual. In sharp contrast to simpler tools, such as BrightGauge, Cognition360 replaces a raft of reports – which you have to build yourself – with a single report we provide. From that report you have the unique ability to drill down to find out WHY and take action when anomalies are presented. No one else can do this.

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As you can see from the screenshot examples, our customers are achieving consistent productivity irrespective of where their Techs are working from – office, home, or onsite with customers.

Cognition360’s actionable insights are healthy for culture. Techs like to know they’re doing a good job – achieving consistent metrics, whether from home or on customer sites.

For full size images, with associated commentary on what each screen shows, click the link below.

Technician Efficiency Report

Find out what Cognition360 can do for your business

While managing remote workers in the current crisis is an urgent problem right now, this free 60-day offer using Cognition360 to manage that problem opens the door to using our analytics right across your business. New Cognition360 customers are boosting bottom line profitability by at least 10 percent. Mature customers are achieving a 30 percent bottom line boost – some even greater.

Onboarding is fast and easy. Each onboarding can be completed online in a matter of minutes. The faster you contact us the faster you will be up and running.

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