“There is always a better way – find it.”
– Thomas A. Edison

Tired of burning up hours and days building reports out of ConnectWise?

Now there’s a better way.

Cognition360 has over 140 pre-built reports and views that work straight out of the box, covering:

  • Time Entry, Ticket Analytics, Ticket Lifecycle
  • Utilization and Billing
  • Agreement Profitability
  • Customer Profitability
  • Projects and Resource Capacity Planning
  • Sales
  • Key Service Metrics (compare to industry best practice)

Because Cognition360 transforms ConnectWise data into a structured data warehouse you can:

  • Start at a high-level report and drill into individual tickets if necessary
  • See trends and analyze with our predictive analytics
  • Differentiate yourself in the market with next level Customer Information using interactive reports generated at the push of a button

In my latest blog, I discuss the switch in focus by MSPs from ‘thriving to surviving’ in the COVID world and share my shortlist of the most valuable reports critical to business survival.

And watch the five-minute demo video to see how one customer used Cognition360’s Agreement Profitability report to increase agreement profitability by 10 percent, in their case adding an extra $500K to the bottom line – which doubled their net profit.

Zoom icon - Cognition360 Automate Analytics for ConnectWise Automate

Coming soon, we are releasing Cognition360’s Automate Analytics (for ConnectWise Automate). Watch this space!

Aaron Kennedy, Cognition360 CEO

Best regards and stay safe and profitable,

Aaron Kennedy
CEO, Cognition360

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Aaron Kennedy’s Blog

Out of the box

Reports and views out of the box

Say goodbye to burning hours and days of time trying to get the information you need. Over the past two months there has been a major change in MSP thinking as COVID continues to bite and MSPs shift their focus from thriving to surviving.  There is a new degree of urgency around tweaking all aspects of the business to drive as much profit to the bottom line as possible.

Read the blog

Video: Cognition360 Agreement Profitability Report

In this five-minute video demo, see how Cognition360’s Agreement Profitability report can help you understand the true profitability of your service agreements. You can rank all your agreements and drill down into individual agreements to find out WHY the numbers are either good or bad.

See how one customer used the Agreement Profitability report to increase agreement profitability by 10 percent – in their case adding an extra $500K to the bottom line, which doubled their net profit.

Cognition360 Recommends Datagate

Datagate promo tile

Datagate offers cloud telecommunications billing that integrates with ConnectWise Manage in one simple, easy-to-use and easy-to-deploy package. Datagate is fully integrated with most accounting systems and includes CCH SureTax for all American clients. Datagate has everything required to make billing telecommunications easy, profitable, safe and compliant, in a single SaaS package.

Cognition360 recommends this complementary solution.

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