Cognition360 – a data analytics platform for MSPs using ConnectWise – has appointed Christy Perez to the new senior role of Partner Success Manager.

Cognition360’s CEO, Aaron Kennedy, says the new appointment reflects strong growth for Cognition360 over the past 12 months as MSPs of all sizes look to better leverage their ConnectWise data to protect and grow profitability in the COVID age.

“Christy is a perfect fit for us,” he says. “She joins us from a Nashville-based MSP where she was part of the senior management team, responsible for account management and client satisfaction. She has deep experience in MSP operations and similar depth of experience with ConnectWise. She knows both ConnectWise and the MSP business inside and out and we’re extremely fortunate to have her joining the Cognition360 team.

Christy Perez, Partner Success Manager, Cognition360 600sq, color

Christy Perez, Cognition360’s new Partner Success Manager

“In her role as Partner Success Manager Christy will work with new and existing customers, managing the onboarding process for new customers, as well as working day to day with existing customers to help them get the actionable insights they need.”

Helping MSPs grow

Christy Perez says she sees her new role as a great opportunity to do what she loves best. “I love helping MSPs grow and addressing their pain points,” she says.  “I’ve been in the MSP space for 20 years, inside MSPs or consulting with MSPs.  I was a ConnectWise facilitator for the Southeast User Group so I’m very familiar with a wide range of ConnectWise users from the MSP side as well as building good relationships on the ConnectWise side.”

“When I came across Cognition360 I was blown away by the product and what it can offer MSPs. There are a number of dashboard products out there, but Cognition360 is unique in that it’s the only analytics platform with a ConnectWise-optimized data warehouse. This is a major leap forward. It means that you can pull in historical data and understand trends, then drill down to find out exactly where to make the changes to boost profitability, productivity and customer satisfaction.

“With 100+ reports that work right out of the box Cognition360 is a powerful weapon for MSPs. My role is all about making it easy for MSPs to get started and then to work with them on the Cognition360 analytics journey to help them extract maximum business value.

“The data they need is right there in ConnectWise. Cognition360 can empower them to use that data to get immediate profitability improvements, typically of at least 10 percent. But that’s just a start, with mature MSPs achieving upwards of 30 percent profitability improvements. I’m very excited to be part of that journey,” Christy Perez says.