As the COVID second wave starts to bite – and the IDC forecasts a flattening of IT spend out through next year – there’s one powerful and proven way for MSPs to protect and even increase their bottom line profitability.

Cognition360’s next level data analytics – with 100+ reports that work right out of the box – is proving to be a silver bullet for customer MSPs using ConnectWise.

Transparency Not Seen Before

Our unique combination of a ConnectWise-optimized data warehouse with Power BI reports makes visible all the key data in ConnectWise. For example, we store the lifecycle for every ticket – we know what happened when, through every stage of every ticket’s life. And this provides some powerful insights – as one customer said, “Cognition360 allows me to skate to where the puck is going,” – a real competitive advantage.

Time Entry Quality

In the demo below we focus on just one aspect of Time – Time Entry Quality. We’ve seen in real life how using analytics to drive even just small improvements in Time Entry Quality, has led to very large increases in profit.  For example, one Cognition customer had a Benchmark score of 60% across a team of 8 techs In just two months they were able to improve this score to 80% – this increased their Invoiceable time by over 120 hours per month, an increase of over $200k to their annual profit.

Unlock the value in your ConnectWise data with Cognition360.

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Also see below a key new appointment at Cognition360. We welcome Christy Perez to the senior role of Partner Success Manager. Christy will work with both new and existing customers to ensure smooth onboarding and help on tap to tune the range of Cognition360 reports to fit the individual needs and challenges of each of our customers.

And you can dive in to our latest case study as we go behind the scenes at fast growing UK MSP LIMA Group.

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Ken Davis, Cognition360 President and Co-Founder

Best regards,

Ken Davis
President and Co-Founder, Cognition360

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Christy Perez Appointment

Christy Perez appointment quote banner

Cognition360 has appointed Christy Perez to the new senior role of Partner Success Manager.

Cognition360’s CEO, Aaron Kennedy, says the new appointment reflects strong growth for Cognition360 over the past 12 months as MSPs of all sizes look to better leverage their ConnectWise data to protect and grow profitability in the COVID age.

“Christy is a perfect fit for us,” he says. “She has deep experience in MSP operations and similar depth of experience with ConnectWise. She knows both ConnectWise and the MSP business inside and out and we’re extremely fortunate to have her joining the Cognition360 team.”

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Case Study: LIMA Group

LIMA Group quote banner - Mark Munford
LIMA Group logo

Solving the data visibility problem for the LIMA Group

During 2019, Manchester-based UK MSP LIMA Group secured a private equity investment of 12 million pounds to fund a major step change in their growth and the depth, breadth and quality of their services.

To support its growth strategy and the increased focus on providing managed cloud services, LIMA has had to review its operations and develop a more sophisticated understanding of cost of sale, cost of service delivery and the tracking of projects. Also critical was the ability to measure the value of its services to customers and to present that value in ways customers could easily understand.

The problem was with the data. LIMA needed accurate, timely visibility into its service KPIs right across the business. LIMA implemented ConnectWise Manage to bring all the areas of the business together, allowing the company to operate more efficiently, but getting easy access to and visibility of relevant service and operational data proved difficult – until Operations Manager Mark Munford found Cognition360…

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Cognition360 recommends Datagate

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Datagate offers cloud telecommunications billing that integrates with ConnectWise Manage in one simple, easy-to-use and easy-to-deploy package. Datagate is fully integrated with most accounting systems and includes CCH SureTax for all American clients. Datagate has everything required to make billing telecommunications easy, profitable, safe and compliant, in a single SaaS package.

Cognition360 recommends this complementary solution.

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