See how to boost Agreement Profitability by ten percent – straight to your bottom line.

When I had my own MSP, I learned it was especially important to have accurate insights into what our Agreement Profitability is and – equally important – how we can improve it.

Fast forward ten years to the launch of Cognition360 – the first and still the only ConnectWise-optimized data warehouse with a Power BI reporting front-end and more than 100 reports that work right out of the box.

And our Agreement Profitability report is right up there in our Top Ten of reports delivering significant profitability improvements for our customers. For example, I was talking to a customer a couple of weeks ago: they do around $3 million a year in Agreements and by using Cognition360 they were able to increase their Agreement Profitability by ten percent – and that was an extra $300,000 that all flowed through to their bottom line.

Watch my short video demo below. You’ll see how we can analyze data over time to understand trends and drill down into the data to get the actionable insights you need.

If you’d like to know more click the button below and we’ll schedule a demo with your own data. This demo will home in on the areas of your business which will give you the most rapid efficiency and bottom-line improvements.

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As a new Cognition360 customer you can expect to achieve at least a ten percent improvement in bottom line profitability. More mature Cognition360 users are achieving 30 percent or better. And some customers are doing even better than that.

If you need further persuasion to give Cognition360 a try, check out our onboarding deals below. And check out our latest case study of Cognition360 in action at UK MSP AZTech IT Solutions.

Ken Davis, Cognition360 President and Co-Founder

Best regards,

Ken Davis
President and Co-Founder, Cognition360

What is Cognition360 LIVE?

Cognition360 LIVE is our new real-time ticket reporting dashboard delivering immediate insights into key ticket data.

Now you can see your important data live – within seconds! Our dashboards surface up the key metrics and KPIs that are critical to your business to know in real time.

Reporting covers the following areas:

  • Active Tickets: across boards, priority, ticket owner and resource
  • New Tickets: see data on new tickets today
  • Last Updates: view data on which technicians are updating tickets
  • Dispatch: view ticket load by resource and identify which resources can be assigned to tickets by priority
  • Resolved: data on resolved tickets today by board, priority and resource

All reporting is delivered via Power BI in a pre-built dashboard module for near real-time reporting.

See sample screenshots below – click on the image or link for a full-size view:

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Case Study: AZTech IT Solutions

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AZTech IT boosts technician efficiency by 20 percent

Within weeks of implementing Cognition360’s Team Utilization and Agreement Profitability reports, UK MSP AZTech IT Solutions has boosted technician utilization by around 20 percent and gained a new level of insight to better manage profitability of its managed service agreements.

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Unlock the value in your ConnectWise data with Cognition360

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For more information about Cognition360 check out the ‘How it Works’ section of our website and see our detailed case studies.

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