Our latest case study goes behind the scenes at San Diego MSP Managed Solution, where a significant saving from just one Cognition360 report is turning out to be just the icing on the cake.

As with many of our new customers, Managed Solution was frustrated trying to get accurate data out of ConnectWise so they could understand where service issues were happening and fix those problems.

Managed Solution’s experience with Cognition360 highlights the night and day difference between legacy reporting tools and our modern next-generation data analytics solution.

With its ConnectWise-optimized data warehouse and Power BI front end reporting, Cognition360 not only surfaces up accurate data, but also enables powerful drill down features to find out where the issues are and how to fix them.

The Managed Solution story is compelling. If you would like to see how Cognition360 can deliver similar benefits to your MSP, click on the link below to organize a demo.

Aaron Kennedy, Cognition360 CEO


Aaron Kennedy
CEO, Cognition360

Case Study: Managed Solution

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Managed Solution saves $100,000 from one Cognition360 report

“We have used Cognition360 to streamline a complex, costly, and inaccurate commission structure with many partners across many teams,” says Jennell Mott, Chief Operations Officer at Managed Solution. “We’d spent a year struggling to fix this problem. In just a week, we worked with Cognition360 to develop a single report which has streamlined the whole process. Now our commissions are accurate. What used to take hours is now done automatically and accurately. From that one Cognition360 report we’ll save around $100,000 a year from not overpaying commissions, and in external accounting costs.”

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