Right now, we have Cognition360 customers who have doubled the bottom-line profitability of their businesses within 12 months of signing up for our next-generation data analytics service for ConnectWise.

We do that by doing what no other data analytics solution or reporting tool can do. Our ConnectWise-optimized data warehouse, data transformation engine, and 100+ Power BI reports and views leverage our unique ability to store the lifecycle of every ticket. Our industry benchmarks are informed by our analysis of more than 100 million tickets on behalf of our customers.

Metrics matter

Customers come to us because they understand how important it is to become a data-driven business. They’ve heard about the results we’re delivering and how we are focused on making our customers’ journeys to becoming ‘data driven’ both simple and progressive.

Rather than weighing our customers down with a bewildering and complex sea of reports, we help our customers begin their data analytics journey by focusing first on the key areas of their business most likely to deliver immediate improvements in profitability and customer satisfaction.

These are:

  • Agreement Profitability
  • Customer Profitability
  • Time Entry Quality
  • Efficiency and Utilization

Our first step in engaging with new customers is to do a live demo using their own data. In a single session we apply our industry best practice benchmarking across these key areas and show the prospective customer precisely where immediate improvements can be achieved.

We home in on the specific and unique ‘Metrics that Matter’ for each customer, giving them an immediate ROI and a fast start on their journey to become a truly data-driven business.

Christy Perez, Cognition360 Partner Success Manager

Christy Perez, Partner Success Manager, Cognition360

Christy has worked in the MSP space for over 20 years. She has deep experience in MSP operations and with ConnectWise, and brings this experience to the fore managing the onboarding process for new Cognition360 customers, as well as working day to day with existing customers to help them get the actionable insights they need. Read bio

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