Watch this interview with three MSPs (Velocity Network, R.K. Black, Inc; Eola Technology Partners) using Cognition360’s next-level business analytics solution.

In this webinar, recorded March 25, 2021, MSP consultant and business analytics expert, Bjorn Zreloff, will drill down with these MSPs to get their stories on how they’ve achieved major increases in profitability and customer satisfaction.

You’ll hear how these MSPs are using Cognition360 to access ConnectWise data not available from other dashboards and reporting solutions – and how they’re leveraging that data to get fast, accurate insights.

They’ll focus – in particular – on the actionable insights gained around Technician Efficiency, and Agreement and Customer Profitability. You’ll hear how they’ve struck gold in these areas and just how exciting that has been in terms of profit and overall business improvement.

You can also watch the webinar recording, and other recorded webinars, on the Cognition360 YouTube Channel.

Meet the panel


Bjorn Zreloff, Principal Solutions Advisor, Zreloff Consulting | Cognition360 client | Circ crop 200

Bjorn Zreloff

Principal Solutions Advisor, Zreloff Consulting, Decatur, Georgia


Trevor Turner, Director of IT, Sales & Service, R.K. Black | Cognition360 client | Circ 200

Trevor Turner

Director of IT, Sales & Service,  R.K. Black, Inc, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma


Brad Wiertel, COO, Velocity Network |Cognition360 client | Circ 200

Brad Wiertel

COO, Velocity Network, Erie, Pennsylvania


Kevin Fraser, President & CEO, Eola Technology Partners | Cognition360 client | Circ 200

Kevin Fraser

President & CEO, Eola Technology Partners, Orlando, Florida

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