See how understanding customer profitability can transform the profitability of your business.

Right now we have Cognition360 customers who have doubled the bottom-line profitability of their businesses within 12 months of signing up for our next-generation data analytics service for MSPs using ConnectWise.

You can too.

So where do you start? The logical place to start your data analytics journey is where you’re likely to achieve the fastest and most significant bottom-line benefits: Customer Profitability.

Watch the short three-minute video below to see how it works. This video gets you under the hood of our Customer Profitability Report. We dive into an analysis of the profitability of a single customer, broken down by the Agreements the customer has, the Projects underway, Time and Materials, and products bought by that customer.

We show how you can use your own business rules and criteria to rank all of your customers. This type of analysis lends itself nicely to a typical ABC-type analysis. We can categorize what an ideal customer looks like and help you develop strategies to move all your customers up the rankings.

Key to this process are our best practice benchmarks. These help you understand and define what an ‘A’ customer looks like, with the objective of helping you improve customer quality and profitability – and this will have a significant positive impact on your bottom line and the overall quality of your business.

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Aaron Kennedy, Cognition360 CEO

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Aaron Kennedy
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Unlock the value in your ConnectWise data with Cognition360

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For more information about Cognition360 check out the ‘How it Works’ section of our website and see our detailed case studies.

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