Cognition360 and Sierra Pacific Group unlock agreement profitability

Is customer agreement profitability escaping you?

The most common issue MSPs bring to us is how to get accurate, actionable data on the profitability of their Managed Service Agreements in ConnectWise. Well now we have the answer – which we’d love to share with you. The answer is a powerful new partnership between Sierra Pacific Group and Cognition360.

In the webinar recording above (filmed May 27, 2021), Kathy Boulet, Director of Consulting Services at Sierra Pacific Group, and Christy Perez, Partner Success Manager at Cognition360, show and tell, focusing on Agreement Profitability.

Christy shares Agreement Profitability Reports including data leveraged from a ConnectWise-optimized data warehouse, front-ended by 100+ Power BI reports and views that work right out of the box. Kathy talks through interpreting the data and understanding which agreements are profitable and why, what makes a profitable customer and actions to take to not only increase profitability but to measure your progress on an ongoing basis.

See how fast and easy it can be to get accurate, actionable data out of ConnectWise along with informed decisions on the next steps.

Watch the webinar recording above, or on our YouTube Channel here.

The webinar team


Aaron Kennedy, CEO, Cognition360

Aaron Kennedy



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Kathy Boulet, Director of Consulting Services, Sierra Pacific Group | Cognition360 partner | 600px

Kathy Boulet

Director of Consulting Services

Sierra Pacific Group

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Christy Perez, Partner Success Manager, Cognition360 | 400 circ

Christy Perez

Partner Success Manager


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