Being able to make fact-based decisions is vital to the success of every MSP in today’s world. In fact, there is a direct correlation between data analytics, operational maturity and business performance.

Cognition360’s market leading technology now makes this easier than ever. Insights are immediate and available literally ‘at the click of a button’. We can show you how to find gold in your ConnectWise data in ways never before possible.

First we analyze your data – we assess your data quality and then run our key metrics and benchmarks over your data to surface up where the richest seams of gold are hiding for your business. Our best practice benchmarks and key metrics are informed by our analysis of more than 200 million tickets.

Then we help you with how to use that data insight to improve your business – and the results can be quite significant.

For example, just one gold nugget actioned correctly (Actionable Insight) doubled one customer’s bottom-line profit from $500K to $1 million within six months. And we have many more equally compelling MSP business improvement examples.

We get such dramatic and measurable results by doing things that no other data analytics solution or reporting tool can do.

Our unique ability to store the lifecycle of every ticket and connect every time entry to the relevant agreement and/or invoice in our data warehouse, combined with our algorithms and 100+ Power BI reports, provides next level analytics not possible before.

We help our customers with their data analytics journey by focusing first on the key areas of their business most likely to deliver immediate improvements in profitability, efficiency, and customer experience.

Finding and extracting the gold in your data has never been easier.

Ken Davis, President and Co-Founder, Cognition360 | round

Ken Davis, President and Co-Founder, Cognition360

Ken is a highly experienced technology entrepreneur. For over 30 years, he has held key technology leadership roles – focusing on business management, marketing, sales, services, and effective internal systems. Ken is passionate about the MSP model. Read bio

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