Is your tech team fully and effectively utilized or are you leaving money on the table?

See how improved Time Entry Quality delivers dramatic bottom-line benefits. Watch webinar with Sierra Pacific Group.

Following on from our very popular webinar on Agreement Profitability, next in the series we look at Time Entry Quality.

In the webinar (recorded July 29, 2021), Cassie Kerr, Services Consultant at Sierra Pacific Group, and Christy Perez, Partner Success Manager at Cognition360, show and tell, focusing on Time Entry Quality. (See Time Entry Quality video demo on our YouTube channel here).

Using key Cognition360 reports you’ll see how fast and easy it can be to optimize the efficiency and profitability of your time once you have the capability to answer three key questions:

  • How timely are your techs at adding their time to ConnectWise?
  • Are they entering any overlapping time?
  • Are your techs entering all the hours expected of them?

Answering these questions requires the capability to drill down into your ConnectWise data to see every ticket and every tech involvement, over a sustained time period. Cognition360, with its ConnectWise-optimized data warehouse and pre-built Power BI reports can give you this level of insight.

Here’s what we know after analyzing and benchmarking more than 70 million time entries on ConnectWise tickets.

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If your techs are entering time within eight hours of completing the job, they are more accurate with their time entries. If it is more than that, then our data shows that they are more inclined to round their time down. Across a moderately-sized team, over weeks and months, this can add up to hundreds of hours of lost time.

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Overlapping time

 If your techs’ utilization appears to be great – but then you see that there are overlapping times – they might not be as well utilized as it appears, and therefore can be scheduled against more jobs. Again, across a team this can significantly increase billable time.

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Expected time

Are your techs recording all their allocated and expected time into the system? Easily check on this to ensure they are being fully and efficiently utilized.

Time is money. Next-level data analytics from Cognition360, combined with deep consulting support from Sierra Pacific, give ConnectWise users a fast, easy and affordable way to unlock their ConnectWise data to find out just how much time is being lost, where that time is being lost, and how to constantly tune their use of time for maximum efficiency and profitability.

Watch the webinar recording above, or on our YouTube Channel here.

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Kyle Christensen, COO, Sierra Pacific Group | Cognition360 Customer-Partner

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