Migrating your dashboards or reports from on-prem to the cloud, or vice versa?

No problem with Cognition360.

One of the many advantages of Cognition360’s data warehouse architecture is that your dashboards and reports will always remain intact, no matter whether hosted on-prem or in the cloud.

No more wasting hours recreating your broken dashboards and reports.

See the blog below, “Dashboarding and why I love it”, from Christy Perez, Cognition360’s Customer Success Manager. Christy really gets under the hood of why our customers are raving fans of our dashboarding capability – and includes a number of real life examples of how our customers are working with us to achieve significant business benefits.

Please also check out our latest case study where we go behind the scenes at Twin Cities MSP SUCCESS Computer Consulting. This case study illustrates how making dashboarding easy and accessible throughout an MSP can empower individual teams and ‘build knowledge’ throughout the organization.

Aaron Kennedy, Cognition360 CEO

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Aaron Kennedy
CEO, Cognition360

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Christy Perez, Cognition360 Partner Success Manager

Christy Perez Blog

Dashboarding and why I love it

Let me tell you about Dashboarding, and why I love it. My own career journey working within MSPs – and with ConnectWise – has had a consistent thread of frustration. You know the data is there, if only you could get at it, easily, when you need it, and with certainty that the data you’re making decisions on is accurate.

Today, using Cognition360 to consult with our MSP partners, that thread of frustration has disappeared. There’s a joy in helping partners make dramatic improvements in their operations by helping them get what they need from their data. Dashboarding is a prime example.

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Customer Spotlight: SUCCESS Computer Consulting

SUCCESS Computer Consulting quote banner | Brandon Nohr

Cognition360 reports are empowering SUCCESS Computer Consulting, delivering data they can trust and reports that work the way they work, so that staff can understand and manage capacity effectively and meet client needs.

SUCCESS Computer Consulting logo
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