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Is resource planning keeping you up all night? Something we hear far too often is how many MSPs are struggling to accurately and adequately plan for resources because they cannot get the data they need out of ConnectWise. We can help! Cognition360 has a range of reports – both out-of-the-box and customized to specific client needs – that deliver the exact insights and metrics to know exactly what resources you need, and precisely when and who you need to hire to help your business succeed. Check out sample report pages below.

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  1. Case study: Read how R.K. Black can now make informed business decisions – including knowing when and who to hire – confidently and quickly.
  2. Client Panel Series Webinar, April 19, 2022. How three MSPs are mining gold from their ConnectWise data. Do join us!
  3. Welcome to the team: Jesse Lamb, Data Analyst.

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Case Study: Mid-Sized MSP Knows When to Hire

R.K. Black, Inc. quote banner | Cognition360 case study

R.K. Black invested early in ConnectWise to support a growing stable of sophisticated IT managed services.

However, getting meaningful data out of ConnectWise to support strategic business decisions proved challenging, until they tried Cognition360. Now, R.K Black can make decisions – including knowing when and who to hire –confidently, quickly and with more background into the decision because they have accurate data from ConnectWise.

R.K. Black, Inc. logo
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Cognition360 Panel Series: Three MSPs Reveal How They’re Mining Gold from Their ConnectWise Data

C360 Client Panel Series April 2022 banner

Join an interview with three MSPs using Cognition360’s next-level business analytics solution. MSP consultant and business analytics expert, Bjorn Zreloff, will drill down with Alliance InfoSystems, Applied Tech and Perry ProTech to get their stories on how they’ve achieved major increases in operational efficiencies, profitability and client satisfaction.

You’ll hear how these MSPs are using Cognition360 to access ConnectWise data not available from other dashboards and reporting solutions – and how they’re leveraging that data to get fast, accurate insights.

When: April 19, 2022 | 2:00 PM ET

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Report Spotlight: Resource Planning

Cognition360 has a range of reports that easily surface up the data and insights MSPs need to confidently make resource planning decisions. Below are sample report pages from our Technician Efficiency and Technician Review Reports.

Note: you can click on any of the screens to view a full-size image.

Technician Efficiency

Technician Metrics

C360 Resource Planning: Technician Efficiency 1 - Technician Metrics Screen | 23-03-2022

Metrics Comparison

C360 Resource Planning: Technician Efficiency 2 - Metrics Comparison Screen | 23-03-2022

Technician Review

Time Recording Quarter Comparison

C360 Resource Planning: Technician Review 1 - Time Recording Quarter Comparison Screen | 23-03-2022

Tickets Resolved

C360 Resource Planning: Technician Review 2 - Tickets Resolved Screen | 23-03-2022

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Cognition360 Team: Welcoming Jesse Lamb

Jesse Lamb, Data Analyst, Cognition360

Our team is growing as we expand our capability to provide first class data analytics. We’re delighted to welcome Jesse Lamb to the team, who recently joined us as a Data Analyst based in Atlanta. Jesse has worked in the IT industry for over a decade and has significant experience in the MSP space.

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