The top five reasons your Agreement Profitability reports are wrong

Have you ever wondered if the profitability of your client is accurate?

We can help! In this webinar with Sierra Pacific Group (recorded Thursday May 05, 2022), we delve into the top five reasons your Agreement Profitability Reports are wrong. And we show how how to solve the issue!

Sierra Pacific Group’s Kyle Christensen and Cognition360’s Christy Perez drill into the five most common reasons your Agreement Profitability Reports are incorrect.

Let us unlock Agreement Profitability for you. We explain how using Cognition360 to access ConnectWise data not available from other dashboards and reporting solutions allows you to leverage that data to get fast, accurate insights.  And then, we explain how Sierra Pacific Group can help you to understand exactly what to do with that data.

Meet the webinar team


Kyle Christensen, COO, Sierra Pacific Group | Cognition360 Customer-Partner

Kyle Christensen


Sierra Pacific Group

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Christy Perez, Partner Success Manager, Cognition360 | 400 circ

Christy Perez

Partner Success Manager


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