Wow – time flies!  I have been at Cognition360 for almost two years now. I STILL love it and I love the partners that I get to work with daily. I have learned so much from both my colleagues and our awesome MSP partners.

I always knew it was important to have KPIs, metrics, goals, and so forth to grow as a company. The struggle I had in my years in the MSP space was easy access to this data.  Growing MSPs are busy and if the data is not easy to obtain it gets overlooked, pushed aside, de-prioritized.

Cognition360, hands down, is the best reporting tool I have ever laid my eyes on. With just a few clicks I can get historical data that used to take me hours to produce.

Here’s a list of top wins that I see when MSPs invest in Cognition360:

  • No longer running the company on muscle and feel – now using reliable data and metrics to make decision on hiring, employee reviews, client increases, sales tracking, and overall operational efficiency improvements.
  • Clear understanding of which clients they need to focus on.
  • More time to invest in working “on” their business because the data they need is now at their fingertips.
  • Out-of-the-box business reviews that their team can access on their own.
  • No more manual reports.

One of my favorite things about my role at Cognition360 is talking to MSPs every day.  I would love to talk to you about how Cognition360 could make your business run better.

Christy Perez, Partner Success Manager, Cognition360
Christy Perez, Partner Success Manager, Cognition360

Christy has worked in the MSP space for over 20 years. She has deep experience in MSP operations and with ConnectWise, and brings this experience to the fore managing the onboarding process for new Cognition360 customers, as well as working day to day with existing customers to help them get the actionable insights they need. Read bio

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