Are you struggling to understand the profitability of your projects because you just can’t see the data to manage them?

Ever heard the three-legged donkey versus a thoroughbred racehorse analogy? That is what you get when you compare other ConnectWise project reporting apps and dashboards to what is available from Cognition360. It’s all about keeping projects in ConnectWise on time and on budget – but if you can’t get to the data to measure this, you’re going to be blind to the profitability of that project and that customer!

At Cognition360 we firmly believe that strategic partnerships are the key to helping our clients really get the best out of their ConnectWise data and power up their business. It’s a 1+1=3 scenario – the return is greater than the sum of its parts. To this end, we’re pleased to announce our powerful new partnership with business management services provider, and ConnectWise gurus, FocusPlanit. Their specialty lies in helping MSPs to realign to ConnectWise best practices. Not only will they provide strong coaching expertise, but they’ll also roll their sleeves up and do the work needed to get you to your goal.

In this webinar session (recorded September 20, 2022) find out how to take your ConnectWise project management to the next level.

Cognition360’s Partner Success Manager, Christy Perez, drills into the essential data identified by industry leaders and hundreds of MSPs to find out:

  • Project views: by filtering by project manager with the ability to drilldown to phase, budget, and labor data.
  • Teams’ and technicians’ performance: measured from labor recorded against projects.
  • Scheduling: who is working on which projects, and is it more or less time than scheduled.
  • Resource availability: to see who is available to work on the upcoming projects.
  • Additional revenue: i.e., what other revenue is related to your project and is there any additional revenue that could commence as Recurring Revenue once the project is completed.
  • Labor: visibility of both invoiced and yet to be invoiced along with any labor incorrectly recorded against projects.
  • Audit/Review: review data from project audit log, see what has changed in the project in relation to status, billing set up, estimates, etc.

Now you have the data, let’s talk about the how! Bill Black, CEO of FocusPlanit, talks about the five most important things to focus on to keep your KPIs on track so that your project is both profitable and on time.

Meet the webinar team


Bjorn Zreloff, Community Builder, Cognition360

Bjorn Zreloff

Community Builder


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Bill Black, CEO & GMF, FocusPlanit | Cognition360 partner

Bill Black



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Christy Perez, Partner Success Manager, Cognition360

Christy Perez

Partner Success Manager


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