Being ‘recession-ready’ is a popular topic in the current economic climate. MSPs across the board are laser-focused on reducing costs and increasing operational efficiencies business-wide. The question is, how? The answer? Automation.

What if we told you we have a solution that makes it possible to:

  • Close your ConnectWise tickets 8 times faster
  • Spend less on technical resources
  • Free up cash and resources to direct towards more complex technical issues
  • Get total transparency into the data in ConnectWise supporting these improvements
  • Track your data pre and post solution to measure the improvements in your business
  • Help with the hiring shortage of level 1 techs and increase job satisfaction of existing technical staff.

In this webinar session (recorded October 25, 2022), Nic Ferraro from hyper-automation specialists, Pia, and Aaron Kennedy from ConnectWise data analytics specialists, Cognition360, to learn how to gain more than 50% workload absorption to simplify business processes, free up resources and improve operational efficiencies. Plus, find out how to get complete transparency into the ConnectWise data – allowing you to measure improvements, so you can plan for further profitability and productivity increases in your MSP.

Ready for a game-changer? Watch this webinar and find out how to really move the needle on operational efficiency.

Meet the panel


Bjorn Zreloff, Community Builder, Cognition360

Bjorn Zreloff

Community Builder


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Nic Ferraro, COO, Pia| Cognition360 partner

Nic Ferraro



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Aaron Kennedy, CEO, Cognition360

Aaron Kennedy



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