The key metrics and reports you need for successful planning in 2023

Aaron Kennedy, Cognition360 CEO

Aaron Kennedy, CEO, Cognition360

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2022 is rapidly drawing to a close and although it’s a time for reflection on the year that was – the trials and tribulations, and the successes – it’s also a very busy time as we continue to plan and prepare for the New Year ahead. At Cognition360, our purpose is to help MSPs grow and become more streamlined and profitable by delivering reporting that helps you dig that data out of ConnectWise. With this in mind, we’d like to share with you the key metrics and reports we believe will help set your MSP up for success in 2023 – covering capacity planning, annual financial goals, service metrics/technician efficiency, client satisfaction and project management. Check out the information below.

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Wishing you a Happy Holiday Season, and a prosperous New Year. We look forward to helping you transform and grow your business in 2023.

Aaron Kennedy
CEO, Cognition360

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Planning for success in 2023: key metrics and reports

Below are some of the key metrics and reports we believe will help set your MSP up for success in 2023.

Note: you can click on any screen for a full-size view of the image.

Below are some of the key metrics and reports we believe will help set your MSP up for success in 2023.

Note: you can click on any screen for a full-size view of the image.

Cognition360 Team Utilization Report Summary Screen | December 2022

Capacity. Planning to hire soon? The Team Utilization Report shows you how much capacity you have per team – provided your engineers are recording all of their time. We recommend recording a full eight hours a day, so you can determine lost/admin time and also realized time towards clients. We recommend 75-80% realized (Client) time.

Cognition360 Customer Profitability Report - Compare Periods | December 2022

Annual Financial Goals. What percentage growth are you planning for in 2023? Using our Customer Profitability Comparison Report, you can compare this year versus last year. How much of your revenue is Project, MRR, or T&M? What percentage of T&M would you like to convert to MRR in 2023? By creating a financial dashboard in Cognition360 with your goals, you can easily watch this month over month to make sure you are on track to hit your revenue targets for 2023.

Cognition360 Technician Efficiency Report | December 2022

Service Metrics. What service metrics/KPIs are you going to be accountable for in 2023? Cognition360’s Service Reporting will give you the insights needed to establish where you need to focus. Technician Efficiency Reporting to show time to first time entry metrics and type, subtype and item percentages by technician and board.  Should you focus on lowering your Time to First Time entry? (Note – this could be a good indication of capacity as well).

Cognition360 Technology Business Review Reporting - Client Satisfaction | December 2022

Client Satisfaction. Are you using a CSAT tool currently? Cognition360 has reporting for most tools that integrate with ConnectWise Manage. What is your current CSAT score?  Do you need to increase that in 2023? Measuring CSAT by client and technician is always a key metric in annual planning. Cognition360 can give you the reporting you need to pull this information quickly – by client and technician.

Cognition360 Project Summary Report | December 2022

Project Management. How are you going to better manage your projects in 2023?  Do you have a way to efficiently run a weekly project meeting? Do you have budgets set for all projects? What is your current availability based on scheduled capacity? The Cognition360 Project Module will give you the reports you need to see which projects are off-track and out of budget. The Project Summary Report will let you see closed projects quickly by Project Type and Project Manager for the past year to get the overall out-of-budget percentage. This is a great KPI to determine and watch for 2023.

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