Time is money: how much is time entry costing you?

In our August 2020 e-newsletter: Time entry quality is important. How quickly do your engineers enter their time? Do they enter in all their time? Do they overlap their time entries? How are they rounding their time? How much is this costing you? Cognition360 can show ConnectWise users exactly how & why time entry quality affects your bottom line – giving you the data to make necessary improvements.

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ConnectWise Manage: Fix that unprofitable customer

In our June 2020 e-newsletter we focus on the Ticket Insights Report, a unique, fast and highly effective way for MSPs that are using ConnectWise Manage to understand customer profitability – both by individual customer and across all customers. See a demo of the Ticket Insights Report in action.

Video: Create your own reports using Power BI

Unlock ConnectWise data. Cognition360 transforms ConnectWise data into a smart Star Schema, allowing you to easily build your own custom reports (or use one of our 50+ existing reports as a starting point).  Watch the two-minute video below to see how you can create your own reports using Power BI in under five minutes. [...]

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