Transformer: March 2020 news update

Welcome to the first edition of Transformer for 2020. The last three months have been very busy and productive, with our team and customer family growing and interest in Cognition360 increasing week to week.

We’re delighted to welcome Aaron Kennedy to the family as Cognition360’s CEO, based in Atlanta, GA. If you haven’t already, read more about Aaron’s appointment below.

With Cognition360 reporting, you now have access to over 130 standard interactive self-service customizable report views and analytics.  We profile some of our newest reporting views.

Our customer spotlight falls on TechPath, an IT MSP that has used Cognition360 to boost its key Agreement Profitability and Staff Profitability metrics.

Finally, we value your input. Please do share any suggestions and feedback you might have with us.

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Meet Aaron Kennedy, Cognition360’s new CEO

Aaron Kennedy, Cognition360 CEO

Aaron Kennedy has been appointed to the position of Cognition360 CEO, based in Atlanta, GA. Aaron says joining Cognition360 ‘closes the loop’ in pursuing his long-term interest and involvement in using data analytics to help MSPs achieve a step change in operational productivity, profitability and customer satisfaction.

“I’m very charged up with everything I’ve seen so far and we’ve only just started. There is huge untapped potential with Cognition360 and I’m really delighted and excited to be part of the journey,” Aaron Kennedy says.

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Cognition360 in action: TechPath

Dan Rutter, Service Manager, TechPath

Cognition360 has helped IT MSP TechPath boost its key Agreement Profitability and Staff Profitability metrics. Cognition360 is proving invaluable in helping TechPath manage revenue growth targets, while continuing to build their industry leading customer satisfaction and retention metrics.

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New reports available now

  • Ticket Quality Benchmark– See the benchmark value for Ticket Quality. This benchmark is a combination of nine measures on the ticket data across Type, Subtype, SLA, Configuration Attached, and so on. The Report Information page on the report details the measures included in the benchmark and how the overall score is calculated.
  • Customer Ratings– Use financial and project data to rate each customer across Gross Margin, Current MRR, Total Revenue and Project Labor. A score is applied to each metric, where the metric values are divided into groups of ten based on the split between top and bottom values. The weighting for each metric is applied to achieve the Customer Rating score.
  • Quarterly Business Review– Review customer ticket, labor, device and CSAT data as part of your QBR process.

Find out more about the new report views below.

New report views

Reports in development

  • Executive Dashboard– A highly customizable summary report designed to give C-level executives a single dashboard, drawing on the full range of Cognition360 reports. Ideal for immediate visibility of areas requiring urgent action, or identifying new levers to pull to increase profitability.
  • MSP KPI Dashboard– See all your main KPI metrics in one report. Combines the KPI metrics currently reported into one report that allows you to see how you are tracking to targets and industry benchmarks.

If any of the above reports are of interest and you’d like to learn more, please email Sue Caley and we’ll schedule a quick update for you.

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