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Media Release: Cognition360 ramps up with new CEO appointment

Cognition360 – the specialist data analytics solution for IT managed services providers using ConnectWise – has appointed Aaron Kennedy to the position of CEO, based in Atlanta, GA. […]

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e-Campaign: How one MSP is achieving double the industry benchmark for revenue and profitability

Matthew Bookspan, CEO and Founder of Florida MSP Blacktip IT Services, is one of a new breed of MSP owners tuned in to the critical importance of data analytics in delivering outstanding value to their customers. […]

Transformer: December 2019 news update

It’s been a very pleasing year – thank you for your support. Healthy growth in our customer family members during 2019 has meant we are able to increase our investment in new developments – and we’ve put together Transformer as the first of regular updates to keep you informed. “Transformer” will be as brief and to-the-point [...]

e-Campaign: Why Power BI plus Cognition360 is better for ConnectWise users

Attention all Power BI users running analytics directly against your ConnectWise database… […]