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Time is money: how much is time entry costing you?

In our August 2020 e-newsletter: Time entry quality is important. How quickly do your engineers enter their time? Do they enter in all their time? Do they overlap their time entries? How are they rounding their time? How much is this costing you? Cognition360 can show ConnectWise users exactly how & why time entry quality affects your bottom line – giving you the data to make necessary improvements.

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How and why the quality of Time Entry directly affects your bottom line

Cognition360’s Co-Founder and President, Ken Davis, expands on how the quality of time entry affects your bottom line, and shares some insights on how Cognition360’s Time Entry Quality Benchmarking can help you optimize your time utilization and drive an increase in profit in your business.

NexusTek uses Cognition360 for deep data insights

In our July 2019 e-newsletter we share with you how MSP NexusTek used Cognition360 to drive deep data insights and achieve more with less. We also share our latest Time Entry Quality Benchmarking demo video.

Use AI-Powered Analytics to Benchmark your Time Entry Quality

In our June e-newsletter we look at Time Entry Quality, which is at the heart of every successful MSP. Benchmark Time Entry Quality vs industry best practice with Cognition360's AI-Powered Analytics.

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