Clive Trott, Technical Lead

With over 18 years’ experience in the information technology industry, Cognition360’s Technical Lead, Clive Trott,  has been exposed to a wide range of development technologies, architectures and methodologies. Clive’s primary focus over the past fifteen years has been on business intelligence solutions and data warehouses. Clive’s ‘technology stack of choice’ is Microsoft, however he has been exposed to various other technologies and environments such as Oracle, SAP and SAS. Although he would not be considered an ‘expert’ in these technologies his deep understanding of development principles and the ability to read and understand code allows him to participate and contribute at a very technical level.

Clive believes the most important aspect of delivering any successful technology solution is the business users. Clive has excellent workshop facilitation skills and his inherent ability to communicate confidently and clearly helps to ensure requirements are gathered at an appropriate level of granularity. Clive has a rare ability to communicate effectively with people at different levels with an organization. He has the ability to converse at the CEO and CIO level, discussing strategy and high-level concepts; as well as being able to talk to technical people about the implementation of requirements. Clive has strengths in comprehending complex business process and how technology can be applied effectively in the pursuit of solving complicated business problems.

Throughout his career Clive has been involved in and designed many solutions to fit the needs of the business requirement. His recent roles have involved designing and implementing solutions, including the underlying data structures (Microsoft SQL Server), ETL processes (SQL Server Integration Services) and visualisations (reports and dashboards, SQL Server Reporting Services, PowerBI) to meet the needs of Business Intelligence reporting solutions, primarily within the Microsoft technology stack. Clive has a passion for the ‘Kimball’ approach to data warehousing as it focuses on delivering business value in a rapid, iterative approach. Clive has also attended the Dimensional Model course presented by Ralph Kimball. In addition to this Clive has implemented a full Data Vault solution while in his role at the Debt Management Office in the Treasury.

Clive was an early adopter and advocate for cloud computing. His work with the Debt Management Office, saw one of (if not) the first government cloud solutions. This was a full infrastructure as a service implementations, utilizing the full Microsoft SQL Server technology stack. Clive was instrumental in not only the business role but also the technical implementation.

Clive Trott, Technical Lead, Cognition360


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