Know anyone in your network that’s a good fit for Cognition360? Introduce us and if successful we’ll give you $500 to show our appreciation.


Join the Cognition360 MSP Referral Program

Eligibility criteria

To be eligible for a reward:

  • A referral must be a managed service provider or IT service provider

  • A referral must pay for Cognition360 for two or more consecutive months

Your referral won’t qualify for a reward if:

  • They are an affiliate, subsidiary, or client of yours

  • They are or have ever been an opportunity with Cognition360

  • They are a business that has been referred by someone else in the last 90 days

  • They don’t become a Cognition360 customer within 90 days of the referral date

Who are you?

Who are you referring?*

* When you submit a referral, a Cognition360 team member follows up with that person. To increase the chances of earning the $500 reward, make sure your referral knows we’ll be in touch.


Cognition360 is a specialist data analytics solution for IT managed services providers using ConnectWise.

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