Need insight into the productivity of your workforce?

Cognition360’s Technician Efficiency Report gives you all the metrics you need to monitor staff in one interactive report.

Do you need a simple and effective way to measure and manage your staff’s productivity, no matter where they are located?

You can only manage what you can measure. The Cognition360 Technician Efficiency report provides you with the key metrics that enable you to compare the effectiveness of each team member working from home, to when they’re working in the office, or out on customer sites.

The Technician Efficiency report screenshots below show metrics measured by team and individual.  In sharp contrast to simpler tools, such as BrightGauge, Cognition360’s Technician Efficiency report replaces a raft of reports – which you have to build yourself – with a single interactive report that we provide. From that report, you have the unique ability to drill down to find out WHY and take action when anomalies are presented. No one else can do this.

As you can see from the Technician Efficiency report examples below, Cognition360 customers that are leveraging their reports in the right way are achieving consistent productivity irrespective of where their Techs are working from – office, home, or onsite with customers.

Cognition360’s actionable insights are healthy for culture. Techs like to know they’re doing a good job – achieving consistent metrics, whether from home or on customer sites.

While managing remote workers in the current COVID-19 crisis is an urgent problem right now, using Cognition360 to manage that problem opens the door to using our analytics right across your business. New Cognition360 customers are boosting bottom line profitability by at least 10 percent. Mature customers are achieving a 30 percent bottom line boost – some even greater.

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Technician Efficiency: Summary and Trend Information

The view below shows summary and trend information for a Service Desk team for February 2020 on Technician Efficiency. You can see key ticket and labor efficiency metrics. You can monitor average tickets worked on by day, labor and billable labor, labor per ticket and billable labor percentage.

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Technician Efficiency: Filter by Team

You can filter by team to allow you to compare team members for ticket and labor efficiency metrics. See which resources are working on the most or least number of tickets per day. Monitor average labor per ticket and total daily billable labor. See who is adding valid Ticket Type, Sub-type and Item values which allow you to analyze the common issues staff are working on.

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Technician Efficiency: Analyze Ticket & Labor Data

You can analyze the ticket and labor data to see the breakdown by Agreement and Service data. Trending allows you to see increases/decreases over time. Data can be viewed by Team or individual Staff members.

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