Our Mission

We ran MSPs for years and struggled with getting actionable data out of our own businesses. So we developed Cognition360’s amazing data transformation and warehouse tool.

Our mission is to provide actionable insights for MSPs.

It’s that simple!

Let’s break that down:

  • To provide: we provide the insights. It’s not up to you to spend time understanding reporting structures, keeping them compatible with your current PSA, etc.

  • Actionable: you need to be able do something with the information we show you – not just a pretty graph that’s useless. And more importantly – to act on the information it must be accurate. This means our team can mold the reports to your own business rules.

  • Insights: finding something the data is telling you. This is NOT the same as just showing you the data. Our reports should show you the data and allow you to look into why the data may look like that.

  • For MSPs: we only do this for MSPs (or TSPs, Managed IT Providers, or whatever name you prefer!)

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