Now in full release, Cognition360 is a breakthrough solution to the frustrations faced by MSPs struggling to get useful and meaningful reporting out of their ConnectWise data.

ConnectWise Optimized

Cognition360 is the first data warehouse optimized for ConnectWise. It gives MSPs rich analytics and a range of standard reports to give near real-time visibility of the all the key business metrics MSPs need to drive service quality, productivity and profitability. It includes a range of self-service customizable reports and self-service analytics, plus high-level custom support as required. See how it works

While ConnectWise is rich in data at a detailed level, MSPs struggle to get timely business insights from that data. What is the data telling us? What is happening in the business?

Reporting Struggles

Many MSPs attempt to run reports using various third-party or homegrown reporting tools. Usually these require running queries directly against the ConnectWise production server – bogging down the server and risking the integrity of the production server data.

  • They struggle to get consistent numbers using traditional ConnectWise reporting, which has complex queries leading to differences between reports.
  • They struggle to see and track trends, since ConnectWise does not always store the history of key data, such as Agreement Values and Ticket Status.
  • They struggle to view the same data from different perspectives – for example slicing and dicing by Customer, or Team, or Date or Work Type, or Office/Location.
  • They are frustrated by a lack of drill down capability – for example, drilling right down to a specific ticket to gain understanding of what issue is behind the summary information.

Cognition360 in Action

If your MSP is suffering any of these frustrations, see the Cal Net Technology Group case study. You’ll read how solving these ConnectWise issues can make a major impact on both customer satisfaction and MSP efficiency, productivity and profitability.

If you’d like to take the next step to a live demo, get in touch. We can even trial load to your ConnectWise data and demonstrate standard reports using your own data.

Blog author: Bruce Chamberlin, CEO & Co-Founder, Cognition360


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