Cognition360 launches in Australia at IT Nation Gold Coast conference

Cognition360 – a new AI-enabled business analytics platform only available for ConnectWise customers – officially launched into the Australian market today.

The Australian launch follows successful customer implementations in North America and New Zealand and the listing of Cognition360 on the ConnectWise Marketplace. Earlier this month Cognition360 was one of only eight software vendors invited to attend a partner Showcase for ConnectWise internal teams in North America.

Cognition360 Co-Founder Ken Davis says a feature of the Australian launch of Cognition360 is the partnership with Aportio Technologies. The partnership sees Aportio representing Cognition360 in the Australian market, and Cognition360 supporting the launch of Aportio into the North American market later this year.

Scott Green, Aportio

Aportio Technologies’ Scott Green.

“We’re delighted to be partnering with Aportio,” Ken Davis says. “Our two products are highly complementary, and both are market leaders in applying AI and robotic process automation in ways that enable MSPs to gain efficiencies and improve customer experiences in ways not possible before.

“I’m particularly delighted to have Aportio CEO and Co-Founder Scott Green’s involvement to drive engagement in the Australian market. Scott is a former Director of Datacom in Australia and New Zealand. He was also the CEO of Axon in New Zealand. With over 30 years in the IT market, Scott has a unique understanding of the business challenges faced by MSPs. We couldn’t have asked for a better experienced and qualified person to help identify and engage with Australian partners,” Davis says.

Scott Green says Aportio and Cognition360 are a ‘dynamic duo’ in their ability to apply AI, machine learning and robotic process automation to different but highly complementary areas that make medium-to-large Australian MSPs more efficient and more responsive to end user needs.

Ken Davis says both businesses have invested to develop solutions that are differentiated by their underlying architectures.

“Cognition360 is acknowledged as the most advanced business analytics platform available on the market today. In sharp differentiation from competitors, this architecture supports machine learning and predictive AI-analytics. It can drill down into interactive reports using live data to reveal ‘why’ KPIs are off track, or uncover new ways to increase profitability and productivity.

“Although there are other reporting products on the market, this is the first data warehouse-based solution optimised for ConnectWise and it goes beyond existing dashboard and reporting products.

“Cognition360 helps identify where service improvement opportunities exist. Aportio offers AI-based solutions to improve service quality and speed, and lower cost to serve – A great combination of Cognition360 insight, and Aportio action,” Ken Davis said.


For more information please contact Ken Davis at Cognition360 on +64 27 223 7788 or Scott Green at Aportio Technologies on +61 466 368 283. Find out more about Cognition360. Visit Aportio at

To see how Cognition360 works, watch this video presentation…