Find out what your customers are really costing you with the Ticket Insights Report

Cognition360’s Ticket Insights Report is a unique, fast and highly effective way for MSPs that are using ConnectWise Manage to understand customer profitability – both by individual customer and across all customers.

Showing labor cost dollars assigned to a specific ticket type is HUGE.

The three-minute video demo below shows how our Ticket Insights Report (previously called Common Issues Report) can drill down into every ticket type, sub-type and item to show where your staff costs are being spent.

This means, for example, that you can quickly establish how much your customers are costing you to support. It also helps you identify opportunities where automation, training and other techniques can be used to improve efficiency which ultimately will reduce costs and increase profit.

And because Cognition360 supports drill down into all tickets over any time period you can choose to home in your analysis by customer, by all customers, and by day, week and year. This ability to not only track profitability day by day but also see and understand longer term trends is real gold on which to base vital tactical and strategic decision making.

Aaron Kennedy’s Blog

In his latest blog, Cognition360 CEO Aaron Kennedy looks at the What, Why and How of leveraging data analytics to solve the problem of unprofitable customers. Check out his advice here.

How profitable are your customers?

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