Cognition360 – a leading ConnectWise-optimized data analytics solution – has today launched Cognition360 LIVE, a standalone dashboarding tool for MSPs that delivers real-time ConnectWise data reporting using Power BI for service, onboarding and ticketing metrics.

Cognition360 LIVE is a streamlined and cost-effective API-based reporting tool for MSPs in the market for a less-expensive alternative to other ConnectWise-based reporting tools.

Before launching the standalone version of Cognition360 LIVE to market, Cognition360 developed, tested and refined the product extensively, enlisting beta testers from amongst its existing client database using the full Cognition360 Analytics Reporting suite. Currently, approximately 50 clients are using Cognition360 LIVE in conjunction with their Cognition360 Analytics Reporting.

Cognition360 LIVE delivers truly live ConnectWise data for MSPs, allowing them to review and take immediate action when needed. It includes the following Power BI-based reporting, out of the box:

  • LIVE Service Metrics around tickets: see who’s working on what tickets, when was the last time a ticket was touched, and tickets by priority.
  • LIVE Time Entry: visibility of real-time time entry data. See who’s entering time.
  • LIVE Scheduling: real-time scheduling reporting with calendar views.
  • LIVE Invoicing: see what has been invoiced today.
  • LIVE Opportunities: see what new opportunities have been created today (a new reporting feature).

The Cognition360 LIVE interface is designed in such a way that it can be displayed on large screens around the office for everyone to see, making it easy for teams to keep track of key metrics.

Setting up Cognition360 LIVE is simple and easy and once set up, it is virtually maintenance-free. The time investment is around 30 minutes at the customer end and approximately a day for Cognition360 to take in data. Users have access to a webinar for setup support.

Christy Perez, Cognition360’s Partner Success Manager, says Cognition360 LIVE will be a valuable addition to the toolbox for smaller MSPs: “Cognition360 LIVE is ideal for smaller MSPs – up to around 20 seats – in the market for a simple, plug-and-play, live reporting tool that is not a ConnectWise reporting product. It’s very cost-effective. And it can replace any other tool an MSP might be using for live ConnectWise reporting.”

“Unlike some other reporting solutions, Cognition360 LIVE reports are built out and ready to use from the get-go. MSPs are empowered to drive growth across the business, using LIVE’s real-time dashboards and automated reporting that allow KPIs to be easily visualized,” Perez says.

Although Cognition360 LIVE is designed as a self-contained live reporting tool, Perez says it could be a gateway for those interested in the wider range of reporting capabilities offered by the full Cognition360 Analytics Reporting suite.

Cognition360 LIVE can be purchased as a standalone product, or for customers already using Cognition360 Analytics Reporting, it can be purchased as an add-on.

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