Making SLAs Easy for MSPs using ConnectWise – Cognition360 and Sierra Pacific Group Show You How

Managing, tracking and reporting on your SLAs can burn up a lot of time. Help is at hand…

Using a combination of next-level data analytics and the correct framework, see how you can get fast, easy and accurate SLA reporting from your ConnectWise data with Cognition360 and Sierra Pacific Group. Watch our webinar below (recorded September 09, 2021).

Using real scenarios, Cassie Kerr, Services Consultant at Sierra Pacific Group, and Christy Perez, Partner Success Manager at Cognition360, demonstrate how to set up your ConnectWise statuses correctly, and how to use Cognition360’s reports to quickly, easily and accurately monitor how you are performing against your SLAs – and equally quickly and easily find out WHY SLA values are not being met.

The pain point for many MSPs is the amount of time spent struggling to get accurate data to track SLA compliance. Cognition360’s data warehouse and more than 100 Power BI reports enable fast, easy and accurate SLA reporting – with great flexibility to tailor reports to fit individual MSP SLA requirements.

A major strength is the ability to drill down and ‘go back in time’ to find out exactly why SLA service levels are not being met. This capability is most valuable when dealing with customer issues around response and resolution times.

Another great feature is the ability to set up and manage both internal and external SLAs – and to completely automate tracking and reporting.

Watch the webinar recording above, or on our YouTube Channel here.

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Aaron Kennedy, CEO, Cognition360

Aaron Kennedy



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Cassie Kerr, Services Consultant, Sierra Pacific Group | Cognition360 Customer-Partner

Cassie Kerr

Services Consultant

Sierra Pacific Group

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Christy Perez, Partner Success Manager, Cognition360 | 400 circ

Christy Perez

Partner Success Manager


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