Which KPIs are you using to measure your business performance?

Watch our webinar with Sierra Pacific Group to find out which KPIs you must measure (recorded October 28, 2021).

The biggest issue MSPs bring to us at Cognition360 and Sierra Pacific Group is knowing which KPIs to measure that will directly relate to bottom-line profitability of their Managed Service Agreements in ConnectWise. You can only manage what you can measure!

This knowledge is critical to the success of your MSP – and Cognition360 and Sierra Pacific Group are here to help.

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Whether you’re attending IT Nation Connect or not, knowing which KPIs to use in measuring your business performance is something you simply must know. We will both be at IT Nation Connect in the Solutions Pavilion – so do come and visit us for a chat if you’re going to be there!

In this webinar Christy Perez, Cognition360’s Partner Success Manager, demonstrates reporting specific to KPIs and how you measure up compared to industry standards, and Kyle Christensen, Sierra Pacific Group’s COO, talks about why these KPIs are important and what you can do to improve them.

We share with you Agreement Profitability Reports, including data leveraged from a ConnectWise-optimized data warehouse front-ended by 100+ Power BI reports and views that work right out of the box. Then we help you interpret the data and understand which agreements are profitable, and why, and what actions to take to not only increase profitability but to measure your progress on an ongoing basis.

Watch the webinar recording above, or on our YouTube Channel here.

The webinar team


Aaron Kennedy, CEO, Cognition360

Aaron Kennedy



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Kyle Christensen, COO, Sierra Pacific Group | Cognition360 Customer-Partner

Kyle Christensen


Sierra Pacific Group

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Christy Perez, Partner Success Manager, Cognition360 | 400 circ

Christy Perez

Partner Success Manager


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