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  1. Conversations with Sea-Level Operations, Powered by Pax8 | #1 Service Metrics & KPIs | June 2022
  2. Report spotlight: Active tickets
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In a recent conversation with James Davis, Managing Director of Sea-Level Operations APAC and now the Director of Pax8 Academy Asia, we talked about the data and information service managers need to effectively run their teams. Service metrics and KPIs are not all the same: they change according to requirements and have different value to service managers at different levels of business maturity. Establishing that value involves a constant process of understanding the trends, figuring out the benchmark and where your business’s starting point is, so that you can establish where you need to go and then start with the most relevant high-level metrics and dig deeper as needed to reach your goals. Watch the conversation recording below for more. Also check out the Active Tickets reporting screenshots related to our conversation.

In August, we’re running a webinar with payment automation experts ConnectBooster. If you have trouble getting paid, you’re going to want to join us! Find out how automating your cashflow can turn unprofitable customers into profitable ones and free you up to focus on what really matters: investing in and growing your business.

Cognition360’s mission is to help IT service providers get accurate, meaningful, and actionable insights out of their ConnectWise data. We’re constantly developing our business analytics and reporting capability to enable you to easily surface up the key data and insights you need to drive transformation across your business. Today we offer over 100 reports and views – both out-of-the-box and customized to specific needs – spanning virtually every area of business.

The easiest way to see if Cognition360 is right for you is a free demo. If you’re not ready for that, join us for an Open Demo session, where we’ll give you an overview of how Cognition360 works. And do check out our case study library to read how our clients are benefiting from their investment in Cognition360.

We look forward to helping you transform and grow your business.

Aaron Kennedy, Cognition360 CEO

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Cognition360 Conversation Series with Sea-Level Operations Powered by Pax8

Sea-Level Operations APAC is an ITSP education and training firm recently acquired by Pax8, a cloud commerce marketplace. The acquisition has allowed Pax8 to bolster its education and enablement programs for MSPs in the Asia Pacific region, with coaching from Sea-Level Operations powered by Pax8. Find out more here

Report Spotlight: Active Tickets

Cognition360 has a range of reports that easily surface up the data and insights service managers need to confidently make transformative business decisions. Below are sample report pages from our Active Tickets Report.

Note: you can click on the screens to view a full-size image.


C360 Active Tickets Report – Summary Screen | 13-07-2022

Last Updated

C360 Active Tickets Report – Last Updated Screen | 13-07-2022

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Cognition360-ConnectBooster Webinar

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Don’t miss the opportunity to learn more about how to use the ConnectWise data insights Cognition360 surfaces up, in conjunction with ConnectBooster’s automated payment solution, to create effortless cashflow in your business and free up time to focus your efforts on growing your MSP and improving productivity and profitability across the business. Join us!

Thursday August 11, 2022 | 2:00 PM ET | 11:00 AM PT 

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