Announcing a major redevelopment of our Technology Business Review (or QBR) reports and views.

This is now the most complete and most capable TBR/QBR analytics solution for MSPs using ConnectWise available on the market today.

We’re excited. We’re delivering – right now – a TBR template that works right out of the box, but which also allows for fast and easy customization to fit your individual business needs.

A particular strength is the ease with which you can tailor reports to get deep analytics for internal use, as well as customer-facing reports to drive constructive TBR conversations with your customers.

You’ll see and analyze key service data, ticket data, ticket types – homing in on tickets causing a high number of incidents and drilling down to find out why. You’ll track ticket resolution by individual technician and monitor SLA compliance. You’ll show KPI data such as first call resolution rates, and drill down into ‘noisy tickets’ to see how and why these are occurring.

And you’ll have a powerful new weapon for account managers to work with customers, adding authority to Quarterly Business Reviews/Technology Business Reviews, and revealing new opportunities to add greater value. This includes looking at customer devices – desktops and servers, plus operating systems, to identify opportunities for replacement, justified by accurate cost/benefit analysis.

You can see the sample views and commentary below to get a feel for the depth and breadth of our new TBR reports. And if you want a deeper dive you can see a recent customer webinar where Cognition360’s Eamon Magan and Christy Perez show and tell on the new TBR highlights.

Aaron Kennedy, Cognition360 CEO

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Aaron Kennedy
CEO, Cognition360

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Report Spotlight

Technology Business Review Reporting

Tickets & Labor

Cognition360 Technology Business Review Report Screen 1: Tickets & Labor | September 2021

Shows tickets entered and resolved over the selected period. See which boards tickets are recorded on and trends on resolve rate and average minutes recorded per ticket.

Service Dashboard

Cognition360 Technology Business Review Report Screen 2: Service Dashboard | September 2021

Review ticket information on who is the contact/submitter of tickets. Ticket type, subtype and item ticket counts by board.

Service Levels

Cognition360 Technology Business Review Report Screen 3: Service Levels | September 2021

Review service levels by ticket priority for response, plan and resolution times.

Other Pages/Views in the Report

  • Client Satisfaction: shows CSAT data surveys over the selected period, last 90 and 30 days. See CSAT score trends and counts of surveys submitted.

  • Computer Information: shows device data for workstations and servers. Review operating systems by device and device models.

  • Ticket KPIs: shows KPI data on tickets for First Contact Resolution, Single and Multiple Technicians on tickets and Reopened tickets.

  • Agreements: shows client agreements, see month on month agreement addition volumes.

  • Projects: review Closed and Open projects.

  • Recommendations: shows Open and Closed data for Opportunities.

  • Procurement: review products that the client has purchased.

You can find out more about the Technology Business Review report enhancements, including full screenshots, on the Cognition360 website.

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Cognition360 Insights Excavator Series: Technology Business Review Reporting Demo

In this interactive education session video presented by Cognition360’s Partner Success Manager Christy Perez, and Senior Consultant Eamon Magan, we put the spotlight on Technology Business Review Reporting.

This report updates and replaces our older Quarterly Business Review Report. We’ve made some significant enhancements based on feedback from our users.

Video recorded: September 16, 2021

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Aaron Kennedy Blog: Be Data Driven

Cognition360’s CEO, Aaron Kennedy, explains what data-driven decision-making is, what you can use it for, and how it can positively impact your business.

Plus, he shares a five-step process that you can use to create better business decisions.

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Customer Spotlight: Medicus IT

Medicus IT quote banner | Chris Jann

Cognition360 is enabling Medicus IT to better leverage its ConnectWise data to boost customer service, operational efficiency & profitability. The IT healthcare specialist provider is using Cognition360’s standard reports, and building its own, to get the accurate data it needs, quickly and easily.

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